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The awareness of mothers in Lactational Amenorrhea Method and its effectiveness.


C. Cusay,
A.L. Macalalag

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Iloilo Doctors' College

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report
October 17, 2017


A Breastfeeding-LAM-Family Planning' team is very helpful in maternity wards for promoting modern breastfeeding, LAM, and contraception. This study is a descriptive -survey research design aimed to describe the awareness of mothers in Lactational Amenorrhea Method and its effectiveness in selected birthing clinics in Iloilo City. The study also determined the differences of mothers' awareness when grouped according to age, civil status, educational attainment and birthing facility where they gave birth. There were fifty (50) mothers obtained through purposive sampling as the respondents of the study. The data were gathered through the use of Lactational Amenorrhea Method Awareness Test. The mothers were confined in selected birthing clinics when they answer the questionnaire. They were just newly gave birth and freely decided to breastfeed their babies. The statistical tools used in the study were mean and standard deviation for descriptive analysis and t-test for inferential analysis. The results revealed that mothers were fully aware in Lactational Amenorrhea Method and its effectiveness. There were no significant differences in the awareness of mothers when grouped according to age, civil status and educational attainment. But, mothers gave birth in public clinics were more aware in LAM than mothers gave birth in private clinics. These are the efforts of public birthing clinics through their health practitioners that initiated breastfeeding within first hours of birth particularly to high risk mothers and continued educating the postpartum mothers about LAM as an effective contraceptive in family planning.


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